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Our Hotelboat

Katie is a 70 ft long and 6ft 10ins wide hotelboat which is just about the biggest that can go through the locks on the English Canal System that was designed in the 1700ís. The accommodation is divided into two double cabins and one twin cabin. A saloon is provide for eating and relaxation.


The interior of the hotelboat is designed to make the most of the space but make you feel as near at home as possible. The hotelboat is centrally heated and has mains electric with sophisticated LED lighting. The layout has been designed to provide maximum personal space and privacy with these features.

Full width cabins each with a separate entrance, avoiding the need to walk through other guests' cabins. Each cabin on the hotel boat has a wardrobe, built in drawers, reading lights and those little extras. Interior sprung mattresses are provided for your comfort.*

View towards door to corridor and shower room. View towards door to Galley looking left. View towards door to Galley.
Double Cabin 2: Typical Wardrobe. Double Cabin 2: View (left) towards the bed head.
Double Cabin 2: View towards the bed head. Double Cabin 3: View towards the Shower Room.

Separate Shower Rooms with modern full flush toilet, wash basin and power shower is available between each cabin. Every guest is provided with a full towel bundle and complimentary toiletries.

Power shower. Shower between Cabin. Wash Basin and Towel Rail.
Toilet. Toilet and Washbasin.

The saloon has comfortable seating for relaxation and dining. A small bar is available; together with DVD equipment for home viewing should the weather prove inclement for an evening stroll to the local pub. Guests may bring their own drinks on condition that consumption is confined to their personal cabin as in a land based hotel.

Coffee tables positioned. Dining table positioned.
View from front door. View from kitchen (galley) to the front door.

Outside at the front and back of the hotelboat, comfortable seating is provided but in the front, whether rain or shine it enables you to watch the world go by. Seating is provided at the back to sit with the steerer and see journey from a totally different aspect in the open.

*Walkthrough cabins during the day to access external seating is only available by agreement of all guests on each cruise. Access in evenings and morning is via towpath as shown on boat plan.

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Catering for our guests on the hotelboat is provided through a personal cook, for all meals which are served from a fully equipped galley. All food is freshly prepared on the day taking into account dietary and personal preferences. More this way.

Kitchen (Galley) view 1. Kitchen (Galley) view 2. Kitchen (Galley) view 3.

For further information please ring 0121 647 7151 or email enquiries@away4awhile.co.uk

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